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For a company to last, there needs to be a strong foundation that everything builds upon.
Technology Planning is all about aligning the technology within an organization with the goals that got established during the StratOp service, and creating a structure that supports your growth goals, inventories, budgets, and expansion.
A company will stall if they are not aptly prepared with the necessary resources to achieve the goals they’re striving for.
We’ll go through what types of data you have, where it lives, how important it is, and how much loss you can tolerate without long-term damage to your business. After this, we get to work building a strategy for you to use, should you need to recover from a disaster. To make sure everyone is aligned on the plan, and the backup recovery systems are actually in place, we run a mock disaster, making sure everything works when it needs to.
  1. Partners | Richardson & Richardson work with our clients to help them ensure they’re set up for success in all areas of their business, including technology.
  2. Goal Support | Together, we’ll make sure you have the right systems in place to support your business goals with existing technology.
  3. Problem Solving | Problem solving in a structured way provides us and you with visibility into potential gaps in your current technology.
  4. Budgeting | Purchasing, installing and supporting technology requires an investment. Richardson & Richardson will help you develop a technology budget that takes into consideration your goals and business impact.
  5. Focus & Perspective | There is not one person in your business or interacting with your business who will not have a better experience with your business if you’re using technology properly. Perspective exercises help create focused areas of improvement across each business vertical.
  6. Inventory | While not the sexiest offering we have, a technology inventory ensures you’re replacing hardware before it fails, and is usually an essential component of business planning, funding requests, valuations and business insurance. Let us help you create a complete inventory of all hardware and software used in your organization. This also eliminates spending on unnecessary licenses and identifies overlaps in your technology spend.
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