Process Assessments.



A deeper look into organizational structure and process often yields the clarity needed for success.
Creating and enforcing standard operating procedures is critical work that is essential to growing a business. It can’t be done for you. As the business owner, you are the one who is going to reap the benefits that come from creating process, so your participation can’t be optional. You don’t need to create process in a vacuum. Richardson & Richardson partners with you. We will review your organization’s processes alongside you, utilizing perspective and questions to expose potential opportunities for improvement, as well as bring potential risks and gaps to light before they derail your business.
Process improvement includes coaching for the key leaders tasked with solving your company problems. Together, we’ll assess the larger issues currently impacting your processes and systems. We bring a fresh set of eyes to double-check that a process wasn’t chosen by default or abdication.
  1. Partnership | Working with Richardson & Richardson gives you a trusted partner to explore issues, challenges, and opportunities with. Our process helps facilitate effective brainstorming around your company’s strategies and tactics.
  2. Assessment | We offer an in-depth deep dive into your existing standard operating procedures and processes for: Sales, Marketing, Customer and Team Member Onboarding and Offboarding, Employee Disciplinary Actions and Coaching, Internal Communication, Goal Setting, and Managerial Development.
  3. Questions & Discussion | Our engagements include an executive coach who will ask the right questions and lead the right discussions to bring clarity and validate your action plans.
  4. Structured Approach | The strategic operating system we install has been used by successful business leaders for decades, and it includes quarterly check-ins with your executive team.
  5. Goal Setting | We’ll help you create measurable, time-bound goals and action plans for your organization’s strategic plan.
  6. Accountability | Our team works with your team to ensure the goals you set are achieved.
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What to expect

Part of our commitment to honesty is transparency. That’s why we want you to know exactly what to expect before choosing us to help your business.
  1. 1
    Perspective Questions on a per-process basis will be delivered in writing to expose opportunities and risks.
  2. 2
    Feedback on a per-process basis is rendered in a consolidated, action-driven report.
  3. 3
    1-hour review meeting with the client around report findings.
  4. 4
    2-hour perspective exercise to scope engagement.
  5. 5
    2-hour Organization exercise to create a plan for engagement.
  6. 6
    10 1x hour calls for accountability, progress review, and problem-solving meetings.