Disaster Recovery Plan.



Any organization can be damaged or destroyed by a series of ill-timed events.
Having a plan that is based on the organization’s reality and is simple, easy to understand, and vetted by all can ensure that your organization can respond to disasters and restore operations quickly and effectively.
Richardson & Richardson will address exactly what can happen in disaster scenarios for your company.
Much like an in-depth estate planning review (stressful and often morbid, but essential!) building a disaster recovery plan requires you to explore “worst-case scenarios” and define what will happen in those scenarios. We’ll go through what types of data you have, where your data lives, how important that data is. Then we’ll determine how much loss you can tolerate without it creating long-term damage to your business. After this, we’ll get to work building the strategy you will use when you need to recover from a disaster.

We’ll make sure everyone is aligned on the plan, and we’ll test that the backup recovery systems are actually in place and reliable. Then we will help you run a mock disaster, making sure everything will work when it needs to.
  1. Partner | Richardson & Richardson work with you to find the weak points in your business, then work with you to fix them. No business process is 100% perfect, so we continue to help you look critically at all operational challenges, including technology.
  2. Perspective | Using an organized, agenda-driven process to collect your organization’s key technology assets and contacts means better, faster, and more accurate planning.
  3. Planning | Like every Richardson & Richardson engagement, our deliverables include the creation of an easy-to-work plan that can be distributed to appropriate resources organization-wide in the event of any disaster.
  4. Practive | The difference between good results and great results is practice. Disaster recovery planning includes a role-playing session with a simulated disaster to test plan functionality and comprehension.
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What to expect

Part of our commitment to honesty is transparency. That’s why we want you to know exactly what to expect before choosing us to help your business.
  1. 1
    1-hour discovery meeting with the client to scope engagement, review process, and create a calendar for assessment.
  2. 2
    Facilitated discovery session(s) around Business’ need set, including:
    • Compliance Standards / Requirements
    • Business Goals
    • Shareholder Requirements
    • Strategic Plan
    • Technology Design and Needs of the business
  3. 3
    Consolidated, action-driven report around needed organization actions.
  4. 4
    An easy to execute disaster recovery plan for distribution and use by the organization.
  5. 5
    Holding of a 90-minute Mock Disaster roleplay session to test plan comprehension.