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Breakthroughs come when teams unite to manage the whole of the organization.
StratOp has been fundamentally transforming chaotic work environments into organized businesses for decades. It has been systematically proven that installing StratOp will help grow a business, and boost the efficiency of that business. It will improve any type or size of business when installed and managed as outlined. There is no process so broken that it can’t be fixed. There is no business so great that it can’t be made better.
Richardson & Richardson provides actionable plans with clear steps and defined deliverables that will set your organization up for consistent success.
  1. Partnership | Working with Richardson & Richardson means achieving your goals faster. Our engagements offer hands-on support so your plate won’t overflow while you make much-needed changes to your business. The facilitated installation of an operating system solidifies your commitment to accountability, and gives your entire team the support they need to execute on your vision.
  2. Focus & Perspective | Execute your plans and achieve your vision with a perspective-first strategic planning methodology. StratOp will help you gain an understanding of where the organization is and how it got there. Your goal for your business should take into consideration your goals for your life. What do you want? How will your business get you there? Do you want to build a future-proof business for a family legacy? Do you want to build a sales-focused business in order to accelerate your time to retirement? Do you want to build an exit-ready business, ensuring maximum value in a transaction within a specific time frame? StratOp doesn’t just help you build a business. StratOp helps you build your business.
  3. Opportunities | StratOp aligns teams and resources around what matters, brings focus to the organization’s operations, and releases you from “working in your business” in order to pursue high-impact opportunities.
  4. Bridge-the-gap | Working with Richardson & Richardson will help you bridge-the-gap between your future vision and your current day-to-day operations.
  5. Action Steps | “Vision without execution is just making a wish.” Commit to an organizational operating system that turns “big picture vision” into concrete, practical action steps. Nothing is overwhelming when there are step by step instructions. Is building a business harder than building a bookshelf? Both are easier with an instruction manual.
  6. Accessible Tools | Partnering with Richardson & Richardson gives you an installed suite of accessible tools that equip you and your team for repeatable success. Following the StratOp operating system ensures your vision for your business (and your life) becomes your reality.
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What to expect

Part of our commitment to honesty is transparency. That's why we want you to know exactly what to expect partnering with us.
  1. 1
    3-day onsite facilitated strategic planning session to deliver a professional, online Paterson™ StratOp™ playbook for the organization’s vision and strategy.
  2. 2
    1-day onsite or remote facilitated action plan review and editing session before plan launch to the organization.
  3. 3
    Onsite or remote facilitated quarterly review sessions to measure plan progress.