Process Development & Analysis.



Help your team have less stress and perform better through process.

Process is every business’ superpower. It creates predictable outcomes, lowers team’s stress levels, makes work more enjoyable, and improves customer experience. Our Process Development and Analysis service helps you get this superpower in place and paying dividends.

It is difficult to self-analyze your own documentation for gaps, ambiguity, and potential improvements. 

Are your processes, procedures, and policies clearly written and understandable by all? Do you have outdated information and documentation? Are you certain the systems you have are delivering the results you want? The Richardson & Richardson Process Analysis service puts fresh executive eyes on your most valuable information asset – your processes, procedures, and policies to ensure that they are optimized for your business’ success. 

  1. Strategic Focus | Richardson & Richardson believes that every key business system deserves a process to support it. Our relentless focus on process excellence is your additional leverage for moving the needle in your business.
  2. Experience | Richardson & Richardson has been building processes for decades. We’re so focused on it, we explore process every week on our Thursday Process (link to internal page) webinar series. Our expertise creates immediate results for your team.
  3. Feedback | You don’t have to throw out what you’ve already built. Richardson & Richardson’s Process Analysis service takes your existing processes and figures out what should be preserved and optimized, what needs to be fixed, what needs additional clarification, and what could be added to take them to a version 2.0 status.
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What to expect

Part of our commitment to honesty is transparency. That’s why we want you to know exactly what to expect before choosing us to help your business.
  1. 1
    An initial kickoff meeting is performed.
  2. 2
    Your existing documentation is provided to Richardson & Richardson.
  3. 3
    A gap analysis is provided on your processes and reviewed with you.
  4. 4
    Additional Processes are built and provided to your team based on the scope of work.