Go-To-Market Planning.



Make sure the appropriate audience hears your message and has unlimited opportunities to interact with your business in the ways that they most enjoy.

Without an appropriate marketing strategy, potential clients won’t know you could help them. Without a proper sales strategy, those prospects won’t be able to see the difference between your company and your competition. Our go-to-market planning ensures that your organization is well-positioned to capture additional market share when the time is right for growth.

There is no company that would not benefit from an analysis of how your company finds, nurtures and closes sales leads.

Are you presenting your brand in a way that aligns with who your company truly is? Do you have a working funnel strategy? How’s your prospect conversion? The Richardson & Richardson Go-To-Market Planning service creates a sales and marketing calendar, offers training with your sales reps for your discovery process, and creates the sales framework for your business. This engagement will help you identify the gaps in your marketing and sales processes, and help you remedy them.

  1. Partners | With 40+ years of creating sales and marketing strategies for small businesses, Richardson & Richardson is the ideal partner for your sales and marketing overhaul.
  2. Focus & Perspective | Using the tools we have and our years of experience, we will guide you through our perspective-first approach. Business owners can gain a clear understanding of what must be done every day, week, month, quarter and year in order for you to hit your marketing and sales targets.
  3. Planning | Through this exercise, gaps in technology, process, management, and data will be exposed, and action plans will be developed to help solve them. You may need to consider new software, outsourcing or changing team members. We’ll help you identify your best options, then help you get started on making the changes.
  4. Training | You and your team will implement a continual training program to build on the improvements developed together.
  5. Achievable Goals | Working together, we will establish a method for setting achievable, measurable goals that align with your organization's vision and will help motivate your sales organization. Ambitious stretch goals set in a vacuum can demotivate and frustrate your team, leading to a decrease in their performance. When sales goals are not created with buy-in from the team, companies risk losing clients, employees and in worst case scenarios, their business.
  6. Accountability | Leading by example is essential when it comes to sales and marketing success. If you’re not following the process you’ve built, how important is the process you’ve built? Richardson & Richardson will help you and your team stay on track to hit your targets.
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What to expect

Part of our commitment to honesty is transparency. That’s why we want you to know exactly what to expect before choosing us to help your business.
  1. 1
    An action plan curated around achieving company growth targets.
  2. 2
    A 12-month calendar of marketing actions to develop demand.
  3. 3
    Analysis of current collateral for brand consistency and accuracy.
  4. 4
    Training for sales assets on value creation and presentation strategies.
  5. 5
    Metrics for measuring success and accountability around both sales and marketing.