Quick WINs: Steve Taylor from RocketMSP WINs by focusing on impact for his community!

Quick WINs: Steve Taylor from RocketMSP WINs by focusing on impact for his community!

By Ian Richardson, Managing Partner, Richardson & Richardson Consulting

Podcast Season 1, Episode 19 Guest: Steve Taylor, Founder, RocketMSP

Steve Taylor is an IT Professional who has launched and run two successful businesses since age 25. After running his own successful MSP for 7 years he launched MSP Webinars to educate MSPs the products that are available to them and how to use them better.

He enjoys the challenge of working with smaller firms and startups and loves helping the underdog. When someone comes to Steve with a story about how he has given them the strength to start their own MSP, showed them a new way to provide a service, or helped them save money somehow, he gets totally pumped.

Steve built his businesses from nothing and knows how hard it can be to start and grow a business when you’ve got no money, no help, and the odds are not stacked in your favor. He is proud to be able to help his clients enjoy the same success that he has been able to achieve.

Our conversation was awesome and engaging and focused on the topics of imposter syndrome and counteracting it, selling a business, and joining a team to further your impact in the world. As always, I took notes on the conversations, and I have those notes here for your reference and use as you see fit.

  1. Imposter Syndrome: Steve got raw and real about imposter syndrome and struggling to feel like you belong in a room or know what you know. The conversation rang home true with me, and absolutely presented value. Being able to recognize the warning signs and create space in your head around positive self talk is vital to keeping your engagement, motivation, and productivity high when you’re working on or in a business.
  2. Selling a business: Steve recently sold his business, RocketMSP, to Richardson & Richardson. He also joined our team as a project manager, and is still intimately involved in operating that organization, as well as being a vital part of our team. Being able to share the emotions around selling a company, as well as the thought process that went into making the decision to sell his organization and join the purchasing company was a rich point of discussion in our chat.
  3. Being part of a team: Steve shared a key piece of insight from the position of a “solo entrepreneur.” It’s lonely at the top of the mountain. When you just have yourself, everything rests on you. Yes, you might not have anyone to answer to, but you have to deal with everything, figure out every problem, land every sale, and handle every part of every customer, system, and process alone. Steve shared about the opportunity to dive into a team and have fellow collaborators on systems, processes, problems, and celebrations. I enjoyed the perspective, and took away that lesson of the top of the mountain to ruminate on further.

I gain so much value from meeting with fellow entrepreneurs and leaders. Each and every person I speak with brings their own experiences, knowledge, and viewpoints to the table, and without fail, I walk away with a head full of ideas and motivation to do better in my own business. I so greatly appreciate Steve’s willingness to come onto W.I.N. and share his story.

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