Quick WINs: Jennifer Brine WINs by bringing higher quality care to those who need it most!

Quick WINs: Jennifer Brine WINs by bringing higher quality care to those who need it most!

By Ian Richardson, Managing Partner, Richardson & Richardson Consulting

Podcast Season 1, Episode 20 Guest: Jennifer Brine, CEO, Aneufit

Jennifer Brine is aneufit’s Chief Executive Officer. Through her experiences working in science and technology as a mechanical engineer, she has developed a keen understanding of kinesiology.

Her background includes starting a company in wearable technology and piloting the prototypes with Mass General Hospital, which required extensive analysis of the human body. Jennifer’s real-life experiences have contributed to her vast knowledge in the care of older adults and the emotional toll that can take on families.

Jennifer understands the importance of an evidence-based framework for client programming and care. Her passion is to help older adults realize their untapped potential, gain valuable education on musculoskeletal health, and take part in their journey to a bolder, more independent life. Her role at aneufit is to bring to life a vision where adults age actively and independently.

Our conversation was awesome and engaging, and focused on the topics of developing virtual offers, winning pitch competitions, and expanding to new markets. As always, I took notes on the conversations, and I have those notes here for your reference and use as you see fit.

  1. Developing Virtual Offers: Jennifer and her team had to pivot throughout Covid-19, as did many entrepreneurs, to virtual offers. In her marketplace, the demand for virtual has continued to increase as people work from home and want to balance their life around that new experience. Her team has been focused on developing effective virtual offers that meet their customer’s desires while maintaining quality. The lesson I took is around that balance: How can we continue to service clients to our standards while allowing the flexibility of virtual? It’s a good question to answer!
  2. Winning Pitch Competitions: Jennifer recently won a pitch competition for her business. That pitch competition is impactful, but the bigger picture to me is the preparation that goes into the pitch. Coming up with a solid marketing strategy, as well as the budget and cashflow models that should be generated by sales, along with the operational processes to support the strategy is a solid business foundation. Regardless of if someone “wins” the pitch – the planning is priceless.
  3. New Market Expansion: Jennifer has been expanding her reach of her service into new markets via partnerships and strategic focus. Capturing a market that may be underserved or ignored by competition is a recipe for growth and increased impact by any organization. Figuring out how to sell your existing products into new spaces creates a blue ocean opportunity that you would be foolhardy to ignore in your business. I applaud her strategy and focus.

I gain so much value from meeting with fellow entrepreneurs and leaders. Each and every person I speak with brings their own experiences, knowledge, and viewpoints to the table, and without fail, I walk away with a head full of ideas and motivation to do better in my own business. I so greatly appreciate NAMES willingness to come onto W.I.N. and share PRONOUN story.

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