Dave Cava The Pumpkin Plan For TSPs

Quick Wins:  Dave Cava’s New Book for TSPs

Dave Cava is celebrating the launch of his new book “The Pumpkin Plan For MSPs.”  

The book is currently at the typesetters, and will be available for purchase soon!

If you’re not familiar with this essential concept for business,  here’s a quick overview of  the original book.

The Pumpkin Plan is a business growth strategy outlined by author Mike Michalowicz in his book “The Pumpkin Plan.” The approach draws inspiration from growing giant pumpkins and applies it to business development.

8 Reasons to Use The Pumpkin Plan in Your Business

If you’re not yet using The Pumpkin Plan in your business, here are 8 considerations for reading the book and applying the key concepts.  If you’re a technology services provider, they’re all important.

  1. Focus on Core Strengths:
    • The Pumpkin Plan emphasizes identifying and focusing on the core strengths of a business. By honing in on what the company does exceptionally well, it can differentiate itself in the market and build a competitive advantage.
  2. Client Segmentation:
    • The strategy involves identifying and nurturing the most profitable and ideal clients. By focusing on clients who align with the company’s strengths and values, it can lead to more meaningful and long-term relationships, as well as increased customer satisfaction.
  3. Elimination of Distractions:
    • The Pumpkin Plan encourages businesses to eliminate activities, products, or services that do not contribute significantly to growth. This helps in streamlining operations and resources towards the core aspects that drive success.
  4. Strategic Pruning:
    • Similar to pruning a pumpkin plant to redirect its energy to the most promising areas, businesses can strategically prune non-essential elements. This might involve letting go of underperforming products, services, or clients to allocate resources more effectively.
  5. Scaling Successes:
    • Once the core strengths and ideal clients are identified, the strategy involves scaling those successes. This could mean expanding geographically, increasing marketing efforts, or replicating successful models to drive overall business growth.
  6. Continuous Improvement:
    • The Pumpkin Plan is not a one-time process but rather an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. Companies are encouraged to regularly assess their strategies, identify new strengths, and adapt to changing market conditions.
  7. Cultivation of Relationships:
    • Building strong and meaningful relationships with clients is a key aspect of The Pumpkin Plan. By understanding the unique needs of ideal clients, companies can tailor their products or services to better meet those needs, fostering loyalty and advocacy.
  8. Efficiency and Profitability:
    • Through the strategic focus on core strengths and ideal clients, businesses can become more efficient and profitable. This targeted approach allows for better resource allocation, improved productivity, and increased profitability.
  9. Adaptability to Market Changes:
    • The Pumpkin Plan promotes adaptability by encouraging businesses to stay attuned to market changes and evolving client needs. This flexibility allows companies to adjust their strategies and offerings to remain relevant and competitive.

The Pumpkin Plan is a growth strategy that will sharpen your focus, enhance efficiency, and cultivate strong relationships with ideal clients. It will help you drive sustainable and profitable business growth.

Dave Cava’s new book, “The Pumpkin Plan for TSPs” takes these concepts and makes them relevant to a managed IT services provider.  It allows technology services providers to see real, relatable examples of the ways in which they can use The Pumpkin Plan in their TSP.

Dave Cava Appears On the WIN Podcast here, learn more about his path to success and the reason he wrote The Pumpkin Plan for TSPs.


Dave Cava Early Career

Dave was the COO and co-founder of Proactive Technologies, a Manhattan based MSP that grew organically to $10M in ARR prior to their acquisition in 2019. Dave’s MSP primarily supported hedge funds and private equity firms. Dave was responsible for finance and operations.

Reducing Days to Hire by 50%

Dave also focused on HR for Proactive, where he developed a recruiting process they used to identify “up and coming talent” prior to hire.  This cut Proactive’s days to hire by 50%, and reduced their recruiting costs by half.  Proactive was able to lower their average service desk salary by 17% per year.  Dave shares about this on the WIN podcast, and it’s definitely something to review if you’re struggling with hiring.

In Dave’s current role, he facilitates MSP peer groups and oversees the Team Builder recruiting-as-a-service practice for Encore Strategic, an MSP coaching firm.

Dave Cava Speaking Engagements

Dave is the co-author of The Pumpkin Plan for TSPs, and was a member of the Connectwise Advisory Board. He is a sought after speaker who has presented at many industry events, including ITNation, CompTIA ChannelCon, BuildIT, and the Taylor Business Group Big BIG.

You can learn a lot from Encore Strategic by visiting their blog:  Encore Insights

Book Time With Dava Cava on ChannelWise

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Dave can be booked for hour long consulting calls right on the platform, so if you’d like to learn more about how The Pumpkin Plan for TSPs can help your business, schedule to some time to chat with him!

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Richardson & Richardson Can Help You Choose the Right Strategy

Is The Pumpkin Plan a good choice for you and your business?

We believe firmly that entrepreneurs should draw their inspiration from everywhere.  Both Ian and I have read the original book and we’ll be the first in line to read Dave’s book tailored to the TSP industry.    If you want to talk Pumpkin Plan or any other business growth strategy, we’re always happy to connect.

We’re happy to help! you can schedule time with either of us right here!

Keep WINning!

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