MSP Makeover

MSP Makeover

Richardson & Richardson Consulting, Croocial, Fox and Crow Group,and about 40 of your peers are excited to welcome you to  “The Million Dollar MSP Makeover!”

This page is a guideline for the experts and vendors donating their services for the content.  MSPs who wish to participate will be directed to the group microsite when it goes live.  If you’re an MSP owner who ended up here by mistake and you’d like to learn more, you can schedule time with Carrie to learn more about it, but we won’t be accepting MSP entries prior to the publication of the group site.

How the Million Dollar MSP Makeover Works:

Next year, one lucky MSP will win the opportunity to grow their business with access to MSP industry expert mentors, and the option to choose from over one million dollars worth of services and software donated by vendors, consultants and specialty service providers.

Here are some examples of the contributions from the channel:

Croocial LLC is donating a full managed marketing engagement

Fox and Crow Group is donating a one year Strat Op engagement

Phil Oullette, an EOS Worldwide facilitator is donating a one year EOS Worldwide implementation

TechPro Marketing is donating a Marketing Engine services package that includes a new custom designed website and a year of marketing assistance

Managed Sales Pros is donating a full year of outbound lead generation

Other participants include:

channelWise – all MSPs who enter will receive an hour of consulting from an expert listed on the channelWise platform!

Syncro MSP – a full year of licensing for your MSP

Tier2 Technologies – a full year of licensing for your MSP

MSP Sales Revolution – a full year of sales coaching

OSR Manage – a full year of access to their Sales MaturIT platform and coaching with Robb Rogers, CEO of Sales MaturIT

Pivotal Crew – a full year of Connectwise PSA consulting

MSP CFO – a full year of access to the MSP CFO platform and guidance on improving the profitability of each of your MSP accounts.

Giant Rocketship – a full year of Autotask/Datto/Kaseya PSA consulting

Skrillo Sales – a full year of sales development support

ProSybil Consulting – a full year of strategic operations consulting

Sea-Level Back Office – a year of Connectwise administration support

The Quote Pros – a full year of CPQ consulting, unlimited ticket support and monthly live Q&As

Ninja Nexus – a full year of RMM consulting

Encore Strategic – a year membership in their MSP peer group and three free talent recruitment engagements

Comptia – a free annual membership to Comptia

Servosity – free unlimited cloud-based back up for your clients for one year

Wisebooks – free bookkeeping support for one year

MSP Automate – free automation consulting for one year

GoWest.AI – free AI consulting for one year

Sansom Street Partners – six weeks of consulting to choose the vendors and prepare to onboard them

Debbie Kestin Schildkraut – MDF application as a service – find more marketing dollars from partners


The list continues, and we’ll continue to update it as we go…but time is a-wasting, so let’s get on to the need to knows for vendor participation!

Here are the deets and dates for non-MSP participants (sponsors, mentors, vendors):

In order to enter the “Million Dollar MSP Makeover”, an MSP must record a podcast with Carrie Richardson between November 1, 2023 and Feb 28, 2024.  They must sign a media release, and fill out a detailed intake form.  All podcasts are around 20 minutes in length and will follow a similar format.

Podcast Format

The podcast format is a three question Q&A format.  MSPs will not be required to publicly discuss their financials or their challenges.  MSPs will be encouraged to talk about business, not technology.  The podcast will position the MSP leader as an expert and thought leader who is investing in innovation, marketing and technology.

Immediate Benefit for MSPs

ALL MSPs that record a podcast for the “Million Dollar MSP Makeover” will immediately receive a complimentary code to access an hour of consulting from one of the experts on the Channelwise platform.  Channelwise experts will be featured on the microsite, and will also record podcasts for our microsite weekly while we build our MSP podcast library.

Podcast Promotion

The podcasts will all go live on March 1, 2024.  The podcasts will all be hosted on a branded microsite, and distributed to all major podcast platforms.  Each MSP that participates will receive a media kit to promote their appearance, a profile on the microsite with their podcast, transcript and show notes, and a blog post summarizing their appearance.   All MSP participants will receive backlinks to their domains, and will be expected to backlink to the microsite.

Choosing the Winner

The “Million Dollar MSP Makeover” podcast episode that has the most downloads on March 31, 2024 will be declared the winner of the MSP Makeover.  The MSP owners will be responsible for sharing their podcast episodes and encouraging peers, clients, friends, and social connections to “vote” for them by listening to their podcast.

Tie?  The MSP that scheduled their podcast appearance FIRST will be the winner.

The Mentors

The winning MSP will have access to a group of industry experts in different specialty areas.  The winning MSP will, in partnership with these mentors, review all the donated offers, and select their “MSP Dream Team”

The Dream Team

Not all donations will be appropriate for all MSPs.

Some of the donations may have conditions or qualifiers.

  • A strategic plan that requires on-site implementation four times yearly may require an MSP to pay a per diem for travel expenses.
  • Some strategic guides only work with MSPs above certain employee count or revenue thresholds.
  • A strategic plan may not be appropriate for an MSP that can’t take three executive team leaders out of the office for three full days without access to phone/email.
  • A marketing engagement that requires weekly deadline-driven actions by the MSP may not be a feasible engagement for an MSP that is still supporting clients day to day.
  • If an MSP uses Connectwise, there would be no benefit to them choosing an expert that specializes in implementing HaloPSA.
  • Vendors may add any “guard rails” they wish around the access to their services, but the more attractive your offer, the more attractive the entire competition becomes.
  • We have avoided any offers that require MSPs to pay ANYTHING up front.  No onboarding fees, no diluted service offerings, no limits on licenses.
  • Any expenses that might be incurred by the winning MSP must be clearly outlined in your offer so that the MSP can determine if they want to choose that vendor for their dream team.
  • An MSP may not select a vendor they are already engaged with, or a vendor they have terminated a relationship with within the previous 12 months for their “Dream Team”.

Important Dates:

Nov 1:  All logos, company bios, and offer overviews for non-MSP participants must be submitted via this form!

ChannelWise experts, mentors, service provider and vendor participants can begin scheduling their podcast recordings with Carrie.  Start here!

Nov 8:  The MSP Makeover microsite goes live.  Vendors are provided with their unique links for registration.  MSP recording scheduling and recording begin.  Channel Wise expert podcasts begin “dropping” on the microsite.

Feb 28:  Final date for recording MSP Podcasts.

March 1: MSP Podcasts go live.

Mar 31: Final day for voting.

April 30:  Winner has met with all mentors and selected their Dream Team

June 1:  Dream Team winners are notified

June 9:  Winner and Dream Team are announced, winner coordinates with their mentors and dream team through the summer to prepare for onboardings.

September 1:  Dream Team members begin supporting the winner

Monthly, to following September:  Winner and Dream Team are featured on monthly webinars discussing the progress made.   MSP, Vendor and Expert Podcasts continue to be featured and promoted by Croocial.

All Dates are subject to change prior to contest launch and are guidelines only at this time – all  participants will receive updates with firm/final dates.  

Have more questions?  Start by scheduling some time with Carrie here!

Ready to go?  Fill out this form!  Then head on over to upload your headshot and share your bio/website/social media handles!




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