Michael Cervino on Core Values

Quick WINS:  Michael Cervino on Core Values

In the most recent episode of WIN, Michael Cervino, the trailblazing CEO of Circle Square Consulting, shared his entrepreneurial journey through the unpredictable waves of the global pandemic and the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence in managed services.

His story is a testament to resilience and adaptation, from handling the intricacies of support work with managed service providers (MSPs) to taking the helm of his own venture in the midst of tumultuous times.

Michael Cervino’s insights extend beyond mere business strategy, delving into the essence of leadership during challenging periods. He underscores the profound impact of empathy and responsibility, a reminder that decisions made at the top reverberate through the lives of employees and their families.

Michael Cervino on the WIN Podcast

The episode sheds light on the delicate task of maintaining core values and a customer-centric approach amidst the relentless pace of technological progress.

Artificial intelligence, specifically its integration within the managed services industry, stands as a pillar of discussion throughout the podcast. Michael eloquently discusses the use of advanced tools like ChatGPT for tasks such as legal contract creation, emphasizing the necessity for human vigilance given the nascent state of AI and the looming shadow of data security concerns. He advocates for a nuanced understanding of AI models like GPT-4 and the essential role of education, stringent vendor selection, and the indispensable function of MSPs in ensuring security and compliance in a digitized landscape.

AI – Risks and Rewards

In an industry teeming with potential yet fraught with risk, Michael presents a balanced perspective on the promises and pitfalls of AI. His expert commentary on the subject is both enlightening and cautionary, signaling a future where the confluence of AI and human insight will be paramount. As the managed services industry continues to evolve, his anticipatory stance on potential regulation and the call for a higher standard within the field indicates a forward-thinking mindset that listeners can appreciate and learn from.

Selling From The Front

The episode also touches on the personal conviction required for successful sales, a testament to the importance of believing in the value proposition of one’s offerings. Michael Cervino shares his expectations for a buoyant 2024 for Circle Square, driven by the company’s belief in its services and the anticipated triumphs that await.

The WIN:  A Commitment To Core Values As The Business Scales

Overall, the podcast episode serves as a deep dive into the dynamics of managed services in the age of AI, the leadership required to steer such enterprises, and the steadfast commitment to core values that underpin enduring success. Michael Cervino’s voyage through the seas of technology and change is not only an inspiration but also a roadmap for others in the industry seeking to navigate their own paths to triumph.

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