Leadership Motivation

Leadership Motivation: R&R digs into how Leadership Attracts Customers

By Ian Richardson, Managing Partner, Richardson & Richardson Consulting LLC

Inspired by Thursday Process with guest Michael Crean, Solutions Granted

Leadership Motivation


“Is it something I can be proud of?” My friend Michael Crean, CEO of Solutions Granted, posed that question when he and I sat down to chat on The Thursday Process web series. Pete Richardson from Paterson Center, the stewards of Tom Paterson’s work and IP, is fond of saying that “there is power in a well-timed question.” Those questions, when posed in the right room to the right people can lead to conversations that reveal massive potential and opportunity. Michael followed up with the question of “is it something that I can find worth and value? Because if I believe in it, then hopefully I can find a way to make others believe in me.” That concept of others believing in you, being willing to follow your lead, or invest in your future promise, or purchase what you are advocating for is the key to entrepreneurial success. Leadership and motivation go hand in hand, and when properly messaged to the marketplace, that leadership motivation partnership attracts customers.

Leadership Attracts Customers

Leadership has so many ways it can be properly and accurately defined, it could almost be classified as a confusing topic. A strategic focus on ensuring that the products or services your organization is offering inspires yourself, that you believe in the work you and your team is doing, is a powerful lever indeed. That belief turns into motivation – forward, positive energy that is so perceivable it can come across like a tangible object that someone can pick up and hold and feel. That motivation and the energy that surrounds it serves as an attraction mechanism for potential customers. Individuals and the organizations they lead or represent want to purchase goods and services from a company that believes, down to its “institutional bones,” that what they are delivering is a “good” product and will help all who receive it. That belief translates into passion around the company’s offerings, engagement in discussions around them, and enthusiasm in the pursuit of opportunities. Put a different way, your leadership motivation is contagious.

Final Thoughts on Leadership & Motivation

Motivation is hard to get back once you’ve lost it. I recognize that struggle – I had lost the “passion” around I.T. services work a couple of years before I ended up selling my old I.T. company. It can be a difficult place to reside day to day, much less over the course of a career, struggling to find the fire needed to grow and scale a business if you’re lacking leadership motivation. But if you can answer yes to Michael’s question above, and you can enthusiastically communicate that belief to your team and the marketplace – there is lightning in a bottle that you’ve just captured.

If you’re struggling with feeling inspired, motivated, or otherwise passionate about what your organization is selling, figuring out how to communicate your enthusiasm, or getting alignment with your team on the need to invest in organizational change, Richardson & Richardson can help. Check out our case studies for stories of organizations that we’ve assisted with similar issues and download our white papers for deep dives on tools you can use in your organization. If you’re wondering where to start, book a complimentary session with one of the Richardsons today to come up with a plan on how to move forward.

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