James Riley WINs By Balancing Work and Life

QUICK WINS: James Riley

In the dynamic realm of IT, where work often melds seamlessly with personal life, James Riley emerges as a luminary. With two decades of expertise in managed IT services, James Riley not only excels as a technical virtuoso but also as an adept CEO, orchestrating not just networks, but human connections too. In this blog, we unravel James’ journey, his role as a leader, and how he and his partner Natalie Riley have not just navigated, but mastered the intricate art of running a family business while nurturing a rich family life.

From Engineer to CEO: Navigating the Maze of Success

James’ adventure commenced in Tucson, Arizona, where he serendipitously found himself in the world of entrepreneurship. Armed with an engineering background and a fervor for technology, he saw untapped potential in supporting local businesses. Over a decade, James transitioned from being an engineer who owned a company to proudly identifying as the “engineering CEO.” He discerned the invaluable lesson that genuine leadership entails not just technical acumen, but also the finesse to engineer human networks and streamline processes.

James maintained much of his engineer mindset, and has a passion for process.  Check out some of James’ learnings on the JNR Networks blog!

The Power Duo: Natalie and James’ 26-Year Partnership

The crux of James’ success story lies in his enduring partnership with Natalie, his wife and business partner of 26 years. Together, they’ve seamlessly integrated their personal and professional lives. Natalie, with her meticulous attention to detail, took charge of the business’s financial aspects, allowing James Riley to focus on visionary pursuits. This symbiotic relationship evolved, with Natalie assuming the role of COO, further alleviating James’ workload. Together, they’ve created an environment where the business thrives and their family flourishes.

Navigating Controversy: Lessons in Unity

In the world of business and family, conflicts are inevitable. James and Natalie, both steadfast and resolute, understand that unity in the face of crisis is paramount. Their commitment to living life together, even when disagreements arise, has been the cornerstone of their enduring partnership. By prioritizing each other’s well-being, they’ve forged a bond that transcends momentary discord.

Celebrating Wins: Growing with Clients

For James Riley, success isn’t just measured in profits.  JNR defines success by the growth and prosperity of his clients. By aligning IT services with their business objectives, he’s witnessed clients thrive and expand.  This has been especially noticeable in their non-profit sector clients. One notable achievement involves a non-profit client that grew from a mere handful of employees to a robust team of hundreds of employees. Their increased growth is managed by maintaining a strong partnership with JNR Networks.

The Future of Compliance in IT: A Paradigm Shift

James envisions a future where compliance in IT isn’t a mere checklist, but a strategic alignment of business objectives. James does not believe we should be view compliance as a burdensome obligation.  Compliance can and should be a catalyst for organizational maturity. By understanding the intricacies of a business’s operations, JNR Networks aims to revolutionize the way compliance is approached.  Embracing compliance and the proper mitigation of risks leads to a more secure and prosperous future for their clients.

A Future of Exponential Growth

Looking ahead, James sees JNR Networks poised for exponential growth. By fundamentally transforming the way compliance and IT services are offered, he anticipates a trajectory marked by success and client-driven expansion. As their clients become champions, advocating for JNR Networks’ unique approach, the stage is set for a future that redefines excellence in the IT field.


In James Riley, we find a leader who not only excels in the technical realm but also embodies the art of balancing work and family life. His journey from engineer to CEO, his enduring partnership with Natalie, and his commitment to client success are testaments to his exceptional leadership. As JNR Networks charts a course towards a future of strategic compliance and exponential growth, James Riley stands as a beacon of innovation and integrity in the IT field.

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