Ian Richardson, Partner at R&R, Interviewed by Go Solo

Ian Richardson, Partner at R&R, Interviewed by Go Solo

Richardson & Richardson interviewed by Go Solo around entrepreneurial focus.

September 7, 2022 – Mason, MI: Richardson & Richardson Consulting managing partner Ian Richardson was interviewed by Go Solo. The publication approached Richardson after being referred to R&R by Walter Crosby of Helix Sales Development, a professional sales coaching and management consulting agency based in Milford, MI.

Go Solo publishes interviews with entrepreneurs and leaders nationwide, and covers a wide variety of roles, experiences, and industry types. Richardson & Richardson was identified as a desirable candidate for their interview process.

As part of the process, Go Solo asked Richardson what his top three business tips would be for someone starting a business today. Richardson replied with the following three items:

  1. Figure out what recharges your internal battery and honor it. Starting an organization is hard. Anyone who says otherwise is painting a rose-colored picture of the world. You will get overworked and overwhelmed — being able to recognize this and rebound effectively is critical.
  2. Limit your scope — don’t fall victim to distraction. The most powerful skill I’ve developed is the ability to say “No” to an idea or direction.
  3. Set expectations early and clearly: for yourself, your business partners, your spouse, your team, and your customers. Missed expectations blow up relationships.


For the entire interview transcript, please visit: Assisting You Achieve Your Goals – Ian Richardson (subkit.com)


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