How Can I Use AI

How Can I Use AI?

Update:  The AI Online Demo Day Has Been Postponed, Reschedule Will Be Posted, thank you!

How Can I Use AI

“How can I use AI?” is a question we’re all asking ourselves in 2024.   It seems like overnight every application we use now comes with an AI feature.  AI experts have appeared out of the ether.

AI has caused enormous problems for lawyers by quoting decisions that don’t exist.  Teachers now need to run their students work through AI detection solutions – some of which aren’t that accurate!

It’s pretty much impossible to guarantee that you’re talking to a real person when you’re looking for customer support online.

Artists of all kinds are concerned about the impact that AI will have on their work and livelihoods. After all, why pay a photographer when Midjourney or Leonardo.AI can create photorealistic images on-demand for the low, low price of ten bucks a month?

Considering hiring a virtual assistant? There are now dozens of apps that claim to be able to replicate that experience.  (The last time I used Fireflies.AI our podcast mic picked up and recorded Ian and I talking in another room and sent that discussion to the person we were waiting for on a Teams call – so use your AI assistant with caution!)

AI Is Here To Stay

We’re wondering how and when we should use AI at Richardson & Richardson as well.  We’ve been introduced to custom GPTs and we’re slowly integrating them into our workflows, but they’re not perfect and I’d caution against ever sharing a document created using AI without a thorough proofreading.   I’m not an early adopter of anything – and if you know me, you know I wear my tin foil hat proudly.  Ian, on the other hand, is more of an innovator, more comfortable with new technology and he has already taken trainings and consumed a lot of content around AI and the many productivity hacks that come with it.

“How Can I Use AI In My Business?”

I’m the first to admit that we’re not AI experts, and maybe not the right people to answer the question accurately.  However, we have a pretty extensive network and it so happens that answering that question is right up their alley!

With that in mind, I’ve organized an online AI demo day on January 25th.

Here’s the tentative Croocial AI Demo Day schedule:

AI Demo Day Presentations

1:00 PM:  Carrie Richardson  kicks off AI Demo Day

1:10 PM:  Gerard Sweeney from Automated Attitude presents “The Banana Problem”

1:30 PM:  West McDonald from GoWest.AI presents “Creating Bespoke GPTs for Business”

1:50 PM: Greg Walters from Greg Walters Inc. presents “Strategic vs. Tactical AI For Your Business”

2:10 PM:  Jason Polopoulous from GoJSMedia presents “Repeatable processes, data embeddings and vector search”

2:30 PM:  Michael Ocean from SellMeThisPen.AI presents “Individual sales training and coaching at scale using generative AI”

2:50 PM:  Dave Pool from Crushbank presents a demonstration of Crushbank.

3:10 PM: TBD

3:30 PM:  Jimmy Hatzell from Hatz.AI presents a demonstration of Hatz.AI, the AI Platform for MSPs

3:50 PM:  TBD

4:10 PM:   Ian RichardsonFox and Crow Group presents “Perspective Before Planning – Ask What, Why, How?”

4:30 PM:  Group panel topic

5:00 PM:  We’re done! Connect with the presenters you enjoyed on Linkedin!

You can join us via livestream on Linkedin.  Please register if you’d like to make sure you get to see everything, or would like to receive the on-demand videos after the event.  Linkedin livestreams fail pretty regularly, so if you really want to join in the fun, make sure to register for the Streamyard event here:

“How Are You Using AI In Marketing?”

I’m using AI right now to eliminate some of the more time and labor intensive tasks associated with marketing.  I use Buzzsprout’s Cohost.AI to summarize my podcasts, create social media posts about the podcast and transcribe the show.  Show notes and transcripts are the most labor intensive part of editing podcasts, and even with AI, I still need to go in, look for spelling errors and transcription errors and add in backlinks.

I also use Descript’s AI features to find and eliminate filler words, equalize sound and find transcription errors.

I often run the podcast transcripts through ChatGPT to create summaries and social posts.  I haven’t found GPT to be that effective yet at writing blog posts.  To me, ChatGPT blog posts have too much filler, and GPT is “lazier” than before.  When I ask it to write me a blog post, instead of writing the post it spits out ideas on what I might like to write about.  Don’t get me started on its’ math skills.

“Give me ten bullet points about blah blah.”

“Here are ten bullet points about blah blah.”

It creates four.

“Are you sure that’s ten?”

“You’re right, I’m sorry, here are ten bullet points on blah blah.”

Same four.

“Um…that’s four.”

I can burn an hour just writing prompts – in that hour, I could have written the entire post.

I admit, the first time I tried using GPT, I was very impressed. A year later, I barely touch GPT when I’m writing content unless I am looking for an outline.  I still need to fact check before I post and most of the time I have found it’s a lot easier to just write content myself  – it’s faster and I’m happier with the outcome.

“Should I Be Using AI In My Business?”

Asking how you CAN do something and if you SHOULD do it are very different questions.

Ian will always tell you that you need perspective before planning to change anything in your business.  AI can help you make more mistakes a lot faster, and it’s only as good as the inputs you’re using.  If your P&L is wrong and you’re asking a GPT to provide insights into your finances or help with financial modeling, you’re going to inaccurate answers.  If you don’t understand something well, you shouldn’t be trying to automate it.

If you’re trying to decide how or if you are going to use something new in your business, the first step is figuring out what you want to achieve by using it.

Join us at AI Demo Day and get some ideas from other business owners.  Then, reach out and schedule a consult with Ian.  He’ll help you determine the What, the Why and the How of integrating AI into your day to day business processes.

Hint:  If you don’t already have defined business processes, you should be documenting what you’re already doing before you try to iterate on them.

Schedule time with Ian to talk about your AI strategy here!



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