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Washington Avenue Advisors (WAA) is a financial services and wealth management company with a sharp focus on consultative approaches to implement financial planning. WAA’s financial planning provides a tailor-made roadmap to their clients desired outcomes, connecting life and wealth. Based in Michigan, Washington Avenue Advisors holds a statewide presence combined with a process-driven team concentrated on excellence in client communication and experience.



Washington Avenue Advisors built a book of business rapidly over a multi-year period, before hitting a wall. Sales and marketing became a focal point, while simultaneously acting as a significant challenge. The team agreed and recognized in addition to sales & marketing needs, they must tackle a myriad of strategic issues. The executive suite agreed constructing a plan that everyone aligns with, is integral for the next steps in the journey. Reuben Levinsohn, Nick Pope, Brian Klemczak, and Amanda Pavlat, the partners at Washing Avenue Advisors, unified and pursued engagement with an outside party to assist.



“We were struggling to stay focused and consistent on our strategic goals,” said Levinsohn, partner at Washington Avenue Advisors, “…Ian got us on track with the StratOp system. Ian is passionate about the work he does… I’ve never experienced as much alignment with my partners as we have now.” Richardson & Richardson partnered with Washington Avenue Advisors to gain perspective about what was important “now” in the business. Using a perspective-based approach, Richardson and the WAA partners carefully examined each area of the business. After conducting a review Richardson and partners constructed an action plan to fix broken areas, fill gaps, promote transparency, while continuing to optimize the working elements.



Richardson and the partners worked together to ensure issues were categorized in terms of business impact, while demonstrating a high sense of urgency for items that require close attention to detail.  “Ian is an entrepreneur at heart,” stated Klemczak, partner at Washington Avenue Advisors, “…He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a unique perspective on what it takes to build a successful organization from its infancy all the way to sale. [He] has the rare ability to really listen to what is important, and then create an action plan that is specifically tailored to us.” Richardson and the partners held planning and accountability sessions for the identified focal areas; the sessions provided valuable insight to ensure the plan stayed on track.

In gaining perspective prior to drafting the action plan, Washington Avenue Advisors ensured the correct actions were taken to achieve the desired results in the least amount of time. The barriers to growth and success that previously inhibited the organization were shattered, and the company continued growing through careful execution of the strategic plan.



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