Next Level Services Improvement Plans



By partnering with Richardson & Richardson, Next Level Services (A North Carolina Call Center) was able to get a handle on a strategic action plan for their business, and through routine accountability actions, achieve results that drove the business forward.



Next Level Services is a business development company that focuses on using telemarketing professionals to assist channel-focused technology manufacturers, distributors, and resellers acquire new clients. Based in North Carolina, Next Level has a distributed, remote-only work force spread across multiple time zones, and a client base to match.

Next Level Services had built up their book of business rapidly over a 6-month period before hitting a wall. Delivery, sales, and HR were all becoming challenges, and the organization was struggling to properly scale and tackle a myriad of strategic issues. The executive suite became focused solely on “fire-fighting” and the client base was starting to churn. Sierra Chase, the CEO of Next Level, was frustrated at the team’s consistent struggles, and expressed both shame and fear over the roller coaster experience that was her day to day.



Richardson & Richardson partnered with Next Level to help gain perspective about what was important now in the business. Using a perspective-based approach, Richardson and Chase examined each area of the business, creating an action plan around fixing broken areas, developing to fill gaps, creating clarity for the team, while continuing to optimize what was working.

Richardson and Chase worked hand in hand to ensure that each issue was categorized in terms of business impact, as well as what items would depend on others being completed to be successful. Richardson and Chase then held weekly working and coaching sessions, focused on ensuring that the plan stayed on track and that deliverables were being accomplished.



By focusing on gaining perspective before creating a plan of action, Next Level was able to ensure that the right actions were taken in the right order to achieve the results that were desired in the least amount of time. The barriers to growth and success that had previously inhibited the organization were able to be overcome, and the company started growing according to its strategic plan.


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