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Cyber Defense Corp (Cydef) is a cybersecurity provider empowering Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to optimize their bottom line without sacrificing endpoint protection. Through proprietary, patented threat hunting technology and sharp focus on delivering turnkey services, CYDEF significantly reduces the threat of malware and espionage from phishing attacks, misconfigured or outdated security software, or unpatched applications.  Based in Canada, CYDEF holds a worldwide presence, with partners and customers in ten countries on five continents. Richardson & Richardson worked with CYDEF to hone their messaging strategy to better target MSPs that would benefit from a partnership engagement.



CYDEF built a book of business rapidly over a multi-year period but were looking to quickly expand their channel partners. The team agreed and recognized that visiting their messaging and approach to the I.T. channel was a key strategic focus that needed intentional effort. The executive suite agreed constructing a plan that everyone aligns with was integral for the next steps in the journey. Ameen Sait, Chief Revenue Officer at CYDEF, and Elana Graham, Chief Operating Officer at CYDEF, agreed that they should bring in an outside consultant and facilitator to assist in this process.



“[Richardson & Richardson] provided key insights (sic) for us in our customer profiling and approach to the market,” said Sait, CRO at CYDEF, “I recommend doing a session with Ian if you want to improve your messaging and better understand your target audience.” Richardson & Richardson partnered with CYDEF to gain perspective about what was important “now” in the business. Using a perspective-based approach, Richardson and the CYDEF partners carefully examined each area of the sales and marketing process. After conducting a review Richardson and CYDEF constructed a focused target client profile, with messaging and tactics to fix underperforming areas, fill gaps, promote understanding, and increase value for CYDEF partners, while continuing to optimize the working elements.



Richardson and CYDEF worked together to ensure that the messaging strategy crafted would attract the right type of customers, while honoring the CYDEF value, mission, and story.  “There is nothing more complicated than getting a bunch of people into a room, from different parts of an organization, to brainstorm and achieve consensus on a sales and marketing strategy,” stated Graham, COO at CYDEF, “Ian did just that – in record time. Ian facilitated our discussions, challenged our assumptions, and consolidated our messaging. The end result is the framework we needed to revise our tactical plans.” Richardson and the CYDEF team held perspective gathering and planning sessions for the identified focal areas; the sessions provided clarity and direction for the team moving forward. In gaining perspective prior to drafting the marketing plan, CYDEF ensured the correct messaging and tactics were taken to achieve the desired results.


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