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Clear Concepts is a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) with a focus on Managed IT, professional services and modern workplace solutions.  Clear Concepts has utilized live, on-demand and customized  sales training created and delivered by Richardson & Richardson Partner, Carrie Richardson.



Clear Concepts initially partnered with Carrie Richardson’s previous business, Managed Sales Pros, to alleviate the burden associated with hiring, training and managing outbound sales prospecting agents.  As Clear Concepts grew, a strategic decision was made to build the capacity to make outbound prospecting calls in-house.



Originally, Clear Concepts registered their new outbound agents for Carrie’s instructor led sales prospecting training program.  Over the course of the next five years, Clear Concepts repeatedly invested in Carrie’s on-demand MSP sales training programs for both cold calling and sales discovery.  Now, Clear Concepts augments their in-house training capabilities with Richardson & Richardson’s on-demand programming and one-on-one coaching calls with Carrie Richardson.



“We have found that after one of our sales agents reviews the Prospecting 101 on-demand program and then spends a few hours being coached by Carrie, they approach their role with enthusiasm and several new ways to address the many challenges that come with outbound calling. 

We’ve been very pleased with this hybrid approach.  It has been far more cost effective than partnering with an outsourced calling agency, and our sales growth has proven the strategy.” 

Phil Proctor, Managing Partner, Clear Concepts


Call to Action

If you’re considering making your first sales hire, or if your current sales team could benefit from one-time or ongoing sales training and coaching, Richardson & Richardson would be delighted to help.  Schedule a discovery call with one of the Richardsons.  We’ll help you determine the best course of action for your business and your budget.  Together we will create a plan for ongoing sales success.

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