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What’s Important Now Podcast

Welcome to WIN with Richardson & Richardson, the podcast that asks every guest one really important question:

“What’s Important Now?”

Join Carrie and Ian Richardson as they ask other business owners and thought leaders on the “What’s Important Now Podcast” what’s motivating them, what they’re focused on today, what they’re trying to accomplish in the short and long term – and what’s important now.
WIN – “What’s Important Now?” – is an important component of the Paterson StratOp strategic planning process. As a certified Paterson Center StratOp facilitator, Ian Richardson uses the tools provided to him to provide perspective before planning interviews so that the host, the guest, and the listeners all come away from the experience with useful information they can consider implementing (or not implementing!) in their own businesses.

20 Minutes of Actionable, Interesting Content!

This 20 minute weekly podcast is a perfect listen for your daily commute, or may we humbly suggest a little bit of activity while you listen to innovators, leaders, dreamers and doers share on how they’re winning!
Interested in being a guest on the What’s Important Now podcast?  Email us at, we’d love to chat with you!
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Now, get ready to WIN!

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