a seat at the table

A Seat At The Table: Women in Tech

Amplifying The Authority of Women In Technology

Richardson & Richardson is proud to be one of the catalysts of and primary sponsor of “2 Seats”, a community focused on amplifying the authority of women in technology.

Join founding members Carrie Richardson, Partner at Richardson & Richardson, Tracie Orisko, Senior Director of Community for Huntress, and Michelle Ragusa-McBain, Global Partner Sales Leader for Cisco, and Jennifer Bleam, Founder of MSP Sales Revolution every Wednesday at 1:00 PM ET as we begin the jouney!

Please note: Our group meets every Wednesday at 1:00 PM ET

The attendance link does not change, and you only need to register once to join in any time.

Our tentative schedule:

  • First Wednesday:  Open Community Conversation
  • Second Wednesday:  Education Day (Marketing/Branding/Content) Speaker Presentation, Q&A
  • Third Wednesday: Mentor Match with Tracie and Joy
  • Fourth Wednesday:  Education Day (Technical and Soft Skills, Career Specific) Speaker Presentation, Q&A
  • Random Fifth Wednesdays:  Water Cooler Chat

 Register here once, join any Wednesday at 1 PM ET, and we’ll keep updating this page/site with more information as we go/grow!

2Seats is more than a community for women working in (or wanting to work in) technology.

It is a movement.  

  • We will create a comprehensive list of subject matter experts in technology.
  • We will create a reference library of content created by women, make it available to community members, and promote and amplify it in all mediums and in all industry spaces and forums through our community members.
  • We will aggregate and distribute PR queries to women in our community, and teach new community members how to respond to these queries, resulting in more earned media for women.
  • We will actively engage with publications, events and online communities, lobbying for inclusion, and ensuring that all media outlets and technology event planners have access to women who are qualified and interested in educating technology audiences.
  • We will create and maintain a searchable database of women in technology who are interested in speaking at events, educating through content and mentoring other women in the technology channel.
  • We will welcome all women in all stages of their careers, and encourage community members to find and invite the next generation of female leaders into our community.
  • We will require active participation from community members.
  • We will commit to “bringing an extra chair” and supporting newcomers.
  • We will be member/volunteer staffed – if you want to shape the community please get involved early.

Join us!

Register and attend our Wednesday planning calls, and watch this page for updates!

If you’d like to talk about how you can contribute to the growth of the community, join us and let your voice be heard.  (And amplified!)