Our Story.

Ian Richardson
Founded Doberman Technologies in November 2005 in Lansing Michigan. Successful Exit: December 2021
Doberman Technologies began as Ian’s part time “side hustle” in 2005. While he attended and worked full time at a vocational college, Doberman began providing I.T. support to residential and small business customers. In 2010, after graduating from from Northwood University, Ian left his full-time job and focused his attention on building Doberman into a multimillion-dollar MSP, ranked consistently as a leader in the field by both industry and state/local publications, associations, and governing bodies.
Ian started as an engineer with a vision of delivering a better service experience. Doberman rapidly evolved from a break/fix and product installation company to a Managed Services Provider with a specialized focus on Healthcare and I.T. security.
Over time, Ian shifted from an operator role (performing I.T. installations and service delivery) into an executive and ownership role. In 2016, Ian and Doberman joined the HTG peer groups (Now ITNation Evolve), gaining exposure to other I.T. business owners nationwide, to accelerate the redevelopment and strategic process focus that continues to drive him today.
In 2017, Ian was introduced to the Paterson Center and the StratOp™ methodology of business planning and management. Doberman adopted StratOp, focusing on the core ideas that process, strategy, and customer experience were paramount in the rapidly consolidating and commoditizing field of IT support. Using strategy and process, combined with sales and marketing acumen, Ian and Doberman were able to command a leading presence in their market.
In 2020,Ian began his journey as a Paterson StratOp Guide, diving deeper into strategic planning and coaching. Ian achieved his final certification in October 2021.
After negotiating the Covid-19 pandemic, and helping multiple long-time clients achieve successful financial exits from their businesses through Private Equity, Acquisition, Merger, and Employee Purchase, Ian decided it was time to pursue his own exit. The transaction on Doberman was finalized in 2021, and Ian immediately co-founded Richardson & Richardson.
Today, Ian is the managing partner of Richardson & Richardson, responsible for the daily operations of the firm, and participates as one-half of the sales, coaching, and consulting team. His focus areas include business I.T. planning in the Michigan market, as well as nationwide consulting with other Managed Services Providers around strategy, execution, leadership development, and process.
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If what you’re doing now isn’t working, it’s time to change how you’re working. R&R rolls up our sleeves and works with you – we don’t hand you a page of notes and wish you the best. We believe in Radical Honesty. We achieve Systematic Results. We’ll tell you exactly what you need to change in order to get the consistent results you need. We’ll work with you as you learn to create accountability, and we’ll be there to celebrate with you when you succeed.
Carrie Richardson
Founded Managed Sales Pros in Winnipeg, MB, Canada in 2013, and Everywhere Managed LLC in Las Vegas, NV in 2016. Successful Exit: 2020.
Carrie started her business as a “solopreneur”, and the demand for outbound cold calling quickly surpassed her ability to fulfill on her own. Her original vision for expansion was a network of stay-at-home moms, making calls from their homes on their own schedules. Her goal was to create economic impact in her community, and build a financial legacy for her family.
Carrie bootstrapped a home-based business into two award-winning niche-focused call centers. Managed Sales Pros was responsible for data, processes, training programs and script development. Everywhere Managed fulfilled on all call center projects.
Carrie graduated from the Eureka Project Technology Incubator in 2016, the same year that Managed Sales Pros was named the 25th fastest growing company in Canada by Profit Magazine. Everywhere Managed was founded in 2016 to support US-based technology manufacturers that required US-based outbound sales development teams.
Everywhere Managed hired almost exclusively out of workforce reentry programs in Nevada, and Everywhere Managed developed an on the job training program for technology sales development . Carrie’s BHAG at Everywhere Managed was to create a $10,000,000.00 impact on the Las Vegas economy by creating highly employable technology sales development experts that would then move on to work with technology manufacturers, software vendors and IT resellers.
The Everywhere Managed unique approach to employee development earned Carrie an Athena Leadership nomination for advancing women in the workforce. Everywhere Managed was 100% female owned and managed, and all executive team members were promoted from within after being outbound agents. Carrie was inducted into the Las Vegas Women’s Hall of Fame for the achievement, and to date (and to our knowledge) has been the launch pad for two successful entrepreneurs, four sales development leaders (six figure earners with stock in fast-growing tech firms) and helped over 50 employees move from social assistance to self-sufficiency. The pandemic left Everywhere Managed unable to support workforce reentry employees, most were unable to work from home and a pivot was not an attractive option. In October 2020, the omnichannel marketing agency EBQuickstart acquired Everywhere Managed.
In 2021, Carrie co-founded Richardson & Richardson to help small business owners create and execute process-driven, repeatable sales and marketing programs after they have solved for all systemic business challenges. She has found that most companies start out believing they have a sales or marketing problem, when in reality; they’re also experiencing financial, service delivery, staffing, and communication challenges that are impacting their ability to win and retain clients.
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