Cybersecurity MRR and Referrals

Cybersecurity MRR And Referrals

Carrie Richardson, Partner, Richardson & Richardson Consulting

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On April 20, Richardson & Richardson is co-hosting a virtual event for MSPs and MSSPs who are looking to grow their cybersecurity MRR, but who aren’t looking to do so using outbound sales strategies that require the MSP owner to add headcount or engage a third party marketing agency.

Join MSP Sales Revolution, Solutions Granted, PCMatic, OIT Media and Breach Secure Now for a masterclass in generating more referrals for your cybersecurity practice.

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Why is Adding Cybersecurity MRR So Challenging?

You would think that with all the well-publicized cybersecurity incidents that impact educational institutions, governments and major corporations that selling cybersecurity solutions would be like shooting fish in a barrel.  It’s not.  Why not?

“It’s Not Going to Happen To Us!”

Most business owners simply don’t believe that any cybercriminal would have any interest in their business or their data.  It’s incredibly difficult to sell to someone who doesn’t believe that they need something.

That’s why we need to educate our own clients first.

Once our own clients understand the importance of cybersecurity hygiene, and understand the importance of “not being the weakest link in the security chain” we can then ask them to help us evangelize to others in their network.

Your Clients Are Only As Safe As Their Least Security-Aware Contacts

All things being equal, it makes sense that a company would choose to work with companies that demonstrate they take your security as seriously as they take their own.    If they’re not secure, you’re not secure.

Recruiting your clients to share the message allows you to protect your clients while you get the opportunity to win more at-bats resulting in more cybersecurity MRR from the companies in their network.  This webinar will show you how to turn your clients into your best sales resources!

Referrals Are Your Fastest Path To Adding More Monthly Recurring Revenue

Asking current clients for referrals feels awkward when you don’t have a defined process and timeline to support your request.

Join us on the 21st to learn more ways to ask your clients to refer you. 

Learn when you should (and more importantly, when you absolutely should not) ask a client to refer you.  While outbound sales activities are essential for a growing firm that needs their funnel to be full at all times, most smaller MSPs can grow their business on cybersecurity MRR referrals alone when they follow a referral generation process consistently.

No More Cold Calling?

You’re never going to avoid “cold calling” in business.  You’ll need to make calls to the companies you’re referred to – and while these are warm leads, you’re still going to call strangers and ask them to meet with you.  Cold calling isn’t dead.  It should be used strategically, and you’ll need to practice talking to new prospects this way!

referrals 101

No time for a webinar?

We have a blog post and a white paper on this topic that you might find helpful!

(And for those of you who want to deep dive into building a referral generation process for your MSP, we offer an online course, sign up here!)


Join The Webinar, Win Cool Stuff!

Last year, Carrie Richardson put in an order for Flipper Zeros, and was one of the lucky few who received their order without difficulty.  One lucky attendee will take home a Flipper Zero and dev board, courtesy of Richardson & Richardson.  Another will win a $100 Amazon card, compliments of Corey Munson from PCMatic.  Other prizes for attendees will be announced shortly.

What Do All Our Webinar Sponsors Have in Common?

All of our sponsors will be speaking at the upcoming MSP Sales Revolution event:  “The Ultimate MSP Growth Conference” in Orlando on June 13 and 14, 2023.

ian mission vision values

Ian Richardson will be presenting “Mission, Vision and Values – The Strategy Hat Trick” – and we’d love to see you there!

Use our discount code RICHARDSON2023 at checkout and get your conference pass to see Ian (and all the other sponsors of our upcoming webinar!) for only $1.00

In the meantime, we’ll see you online on April 20, at 2 PM ET!


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