Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

By: Carrie Richardson, Partner, Richardson & Richardson Consulting

Example: Carrie Richardson Featured In Authority Magazine

Recently, Carrie was featured in Authority Magazine in an article about “Self Made Women.”  This is an excellent example of how Carrie’s content marketing strategy positioned her as an expert and won earned media.

If you’ve ever wondered where the idea for Managed Sales Pros came from, or how an unemployed, pregnant kickboxer built two successful marketing agencies from nothing, this in-depth feature answers those questions and more.

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Authority Magazine:  Self Made Women

Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Earned media is an important part of any marketing strategy for a business leader who relies on being seen as an expert or an authority.  Content marketing is one part of that strategy.  You can’t be a thought leader if you’re not sharing your thoughts.

Content Marketing and Website Authority

Content marketing strategy relies on people being able to find you online.  Website authority is kind of like a Google popularity contest.  The more Google likes the sites you’re linked to, the more it will reward you with higher rankings.  Your website authority tells Google whether or not you’re an expert.

While this is a very simple overview, Google makes this determination by the number of other websites linked to your website, and whether or not those websites are considered sources of valuable content, or just filled with spam.  Put differently, being linked to the right sites helps you, being linked to the wrong ones hurts you.

Authority Magazine publishes on a platform called Medium.  Medium has a website authority of 94.  (Out of a possible 100!)  That’s why if you Google “Carrie Richardson” you’ll see the Medium article long before you’ll see my own website, or my previous websites.

As you get published more often, on sites with high website authority, your own site will gradually grows in authority, and becomes more visible.  Curious about your own website authority?  We can check it for you!

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Earned Media And Content Marketing

Richardson & Richardson can help your company position you as a thought leader, resulting in earned media.

Earned media is just that – media exposure that you earned vs. paid for.

Earned media helps you with marketing, sales, SEO optimization and brand position.  Are you looking for speaking engagements, podcast appearances and opportunities to share your unique story with your target market?  The more times publications, organizations and associations in your community or industry feature you and your business, the more likely it is you’ll be invited to share your thoughts more often with different audiences, both online and in person!

Do I need Earned Media To Succeed With Content Marketing?

You don’t need to be published in major publications to improve your content marketing strategy.  You can provide content to companies to publish on their websites. For example, Carrie built the website authority for Managed Sales Pros by providing content to SmarterMSP, Channel Partners, Datto, MSP Mentor, Talkin’ Cloud and many other industry or vendor partner websites.  She has partnered with Huntress, Zix, Auvik Networks and Syncro to share content, resulting in not just being seen as an expert by her peers, but by the almighty Google algorithm!

Providing client testimonials can improve your website authority if the company that posts your testimonial links to your website.  Client reviews posted online are another great way to build your website authority (though it’s important to know what those clients will say before you ask them to review you!).

How Do You Get Started With Content Marketing?

Start by sharing your thoughts on your own blog.  If you have no content on your website, you won’t have any reason for prospects to spend any time there, and you won’t have any way to position yourself as an expert in your field.  When you google yourself or your business, what do you find?  If there is nothing for people to find when they search for you, it’s time to start creating!

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