Complex Sales Podcast Featuring Ian Richardson

Complex Sales Podcast with Paul Fuller Features R&R Founder Ian Richardson

Ian Richardson Complex Sales

Ian Richardson has been taking a break from hosting “What’s Important Now”  

We’re excited to share his podcast appearance on “The Art and Science of Complex Sales Podcast”, which you can listen to wherever you prefer to consume podcast content!

Enjoy a few excerpts (and the final stages of Ian’s $200,000 charity raise shave haircut )  from the episode here:

Paul Fuller, Head of Revenue for Membrain, hosts this not-to-be-missed podcast for serious sales leaders.

You can learn a little more about building and managing complex sales process with Nate Tutas and Ian on The Thursday Process

Older episodes of Thursday Process can be found on-demand on the R&R Website.  If you’d like a copy of any of the process documents mentioned, please schedule 30 minutes with us here!

Learn More About Using Membrain for Process-Led Sales Strategies – book a discovery meeting with Ian here!



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