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Quick Wins:  Scott Cooley Transforms Hawai’i based MSP Indevtech by Changing Business Models

Changing business models may seem daunting, but many entrepreneurs have achieved success by pivoting early. Meet Scott Cooley, the CEO and founder of Indevtech in Honolulu.   Scott joined us on the WIN podcast to share his entrepreneurial journey, the evolution of his company, and the challenges he’s faced along the way.

A Family of Entrepreneurs

Scott has an impressive entrepreneurial background. He started Cyber Tech Systems at the young age of 13, making him one of the pioneers in helping businesses in Hawaii adapt to the internet age. Growing up with entrepreneur parents, Scott had a unique advantage in understanding the business world.


Changing Business Models Ahead of the Curve

In the podcast, Scott shares that Indevtech initially operated as a break-fix IT support provider from 2001 to 2010.

He or his team would respond to businesses when something broke, and fix the issues on-site. However, with the rise of managed services, Scott recognized the need to adapt much earlier than his peers. In 2007, they started offering remote support, which revolutionized their operations. It allowed Scott to spend more time working from the office, handling remote support and sales. The transition to managed services was a gradual process that took years, but today, Indevtech is proud to be a 100% managed services provider, with a strong focus on cybersecurity and compliance.

Maintaining Company Identity and Culture When Changing Business Models

As Indevtech grew, Scott’s main concern was preserving the company’s identity and the values he had instilled in it.

He emphasized the importance of choosing the right team members who align with the company’s culture and values. Scott wanted to ensure that clients continued to receive the same level of responsiveness, competence, and exceptional customer service that he had provided personally for years. The process of distilling the company’s identity into core values and replicating it across a diverse team was a challenge, but one that Scott embraced.

Building a Sales Engine

One of the recent milestones for Indevtech was the decision to establish a sales team. Until now, Scott has been the primary driver of finding and closing deals. However, with the goal of creating a business that can thrive without his direct involvement, Scott recognized the need for a dedicated sales team. They are in the process of hiring a business development specialist to expand their brand awareness, reach new prospects, and warm up leads. This transition from relying solely on warm leads and referrals to developing a proactive sales engine marks an exciting new chapter for their business.

The Advantage and Challenges of Operating On An Island

Being located in Hawaii presents both advantages and challenges for Indevtech. The tight-knit community allows for long-term relationships and a sense of trust with clients. The aloha spirit of kindness and consideration in business interactions aligns well with Scott’s approach. However, the limited market size poses an upper limit to growth, and the remote location requires unique strategies to overcome certain limitations.

The Power of Peer Groups

Scott also shares on the impact of joining a peer group, specifically TruMethods by Gary Pica. Initially hesitant, Scott eventually embraced the opportunity to learn and grow alongside like-minded individuals. The peer group provided valuable insights, accountability, and support, ultimately helping Scott shape his business processes and approach.

A Clear Path to Continued Success and Growth

Scott Cooley’s journey from a young entrepreneur starting a tech company to leading Indevtech as a premier managed IT services provider showcases the power of adaptation, persistence, and maintaining company culture. As the company continues to grow and evolve, Scott’s focus on preserving their identity, expanding the sales engine, and leveraging peer groups exemplifies his commitment to success.

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