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Quick WINS:  Robb Rogers

Business pivots are inevitable, but they’re not always successful.  Robb Rogers is no stranger to sales and marketing for MSPs.  As the co-founder of MSP Lead Generation and Sales as a Service firm Osprey Strategic Research, and then as the co-founder of AI Sales Enablement Platform, Sales MaturIT, Robb has been there, done that.  And lucky us, he appeared on the WIN podcast again to share bout this new development in their strategic growth!

Sales MaturIT and Connectwise PitchIT

Are you a Managed Service Provider (MSP) aiming to skyrocket your sales and harness the power of strategic networking? Are you contemplating what might happen if your business pivots in the near future? If so, the latest WIN – What’s Important Now Podcast episode featuring Rob Rogers, CEO of Sales Maturit, is a must-listen. Carrie Richardson sits down with Robb to discuss the transformation from a lead generation-focused company to a full-fledged sales management firm. This shift is pivotal for MSPs looking to scale their operations and achieve sales excellence.

Rob shares the exhilarating journey his company underwent, from competing at Connectwise IT Nation’s PitchIt event to implementing strategic event planning. The episode emphasizes the significance of face-to-face networking and how personal interactions can lead to a higher return on investment. For MSPs, these insights are invaluable as building relationships is often the cornerstone of successful business deals.

Sales Enablement Language Model Assistant

Moreover, the episode dives deep into the innovative tool Selma, the Sales Enablement Language Model Assistant. This groundbreaking platform, powered by over a decade of MSP-focused data, is redefining how personalized sales and marketing content is created. By incorporating client documentation and safeguarding legacy information, Selma enables MSPs to tailor their marketing strategies with precision and ease.

Building to Sell

For those contemplating the sale of their MSP, the wisdom imparted in this episode is particularly pertinent. Rob discusses the importance of preparing your business for sale and how the right sales maturity model can substantially increase your company’s valuation. This information is crucial for MSP owners seeking to maximize their return on investment when exiting the business.

The Business Pivots from Services to Sales

The podcast also outlines the transformative impact of their business pivots, especially their pivot from a service-based model to a software-based model. The discussion touches on recruiting and training sales personnel, defining a Unique Value Proposition (UVP), and investing in an MSP’s growth. With a focus on strategy and optimization, MSPs can navigate the complexities of sales and marketing to thrive in the competitive tech industry.

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Robb Rogers Sales MaturIT Podcast Chapter Markers

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation
00:28 Experience at IT Nation and Pitch It
02:52 The Evolution of Sales Maturity
04:35 Introduction to Selma, the AI Bot
06:39 The Power of Vendor Knowledge in Sales
07:10 The Impact of Automated Cadences in Sales
08:36 Who Benefits Most from Sales Maturity?
09:52 The Journey from Service to Software
15:08 Final Thoughts and Advice for MSPs
16:44 Conclusion and Farewell


In summary, this podcast episode is an indispensable resource for MSPs at any stage of their growth journey. By tapping into Rob Rogers’ expertise and embracing the innovative solutions discussed, MSPs can elevate their sales approach, build stronger relationships, and set the stage for future success. Whether you’re an established MSP or just starting out, the lessons shared in this episode are tailored to help you reach new heights in the IT business landscape.

If you’re interested in talking about business pivots, or planning one for your business, you can connect with Carrie and Ian Richardson and schedule time with them here!

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